We the odds for SaaS founders.

We are a revenue acceleration company that provides GTM consulting/fractional sales leadership, outsourcing, and game changing recruiting.

In three short months, TAP not only brought refreshed enthusiasm, accountability, and discipline for the sales team, but also delivered the highest performing quarter in company history.

- Ephesoft

We deliver comprehensive and immediate impact in each of our 3 practice areas:

GTM Consulting / Fractional Sales Leadership

We add the proven CRO value that you need right now to scale, in a model that makes sense for you.

Outsourcing with Results

On Demand Business Development, Lead Gen & Revenue Operations.  Fractional or Full Time People as a Service (PaaS) model.

Game Changing Recruiting

60+ years of success recruiting top tier talent and building high performing teams.  Get access to our networks and best practices to hire the best people you’ve ever had. 

Our goal is to provide your success.

We started TAP to give founders access to the senior talent, resources, and expertise they need all in flexible models that make sense for them.

Whether you need a fractional sales leader, experienced GTM consultant, help with recruiting top tier talent, immediate on demand resources, or all of the above…we are ready to help.  Our practice areas work hand in hand or independently depending on your needs.

Leadership Team

Cameron Orr

Founder & Managing Partner

• 22 years SaaS & GTM Success; 19 in Sales Leadership Roles
• Seasoned Advisor to Startups & CEOs/Founders
• Top 1% recruiter and expert in diversity hiring
• Expert in Sales Tech  & Revenue Operations
• Excellence in building and retaining top performing teams and creating amazing culture
• Operational Excellence in all aspects of SaaS
• Expertise in selling into all market segments domestically and globally
• Entrepreneurial/Creative approach to deliver Exceptional Results
• Additional Expertise in Customer Success, Channel, Business Development
• 17 Years Strategic Partnership Creation/Development/Growth geared around Next Generation Technology & Market Transitions
• All-In, “In it to Win It”


I thrive on partnering with CEOs & Founders to help make their vision a reality. I’ve been inspired by every CEO & Founder I have been fortunate enough to work with. The creativity, responsibility, vision, drive, resilience, dedication, and passion they carry is amazing and not really understood until you partner closely with them. I get massive satisfaction from being someone who delivers value for them and who is a significant part of their success. There’s nothing more exciting than helping great people and great companies achieve their goals, grow, and thrive.

Practice Areas

We begin improving your team from day one. Our hands-on approach means that we can rapidly close in on quick wins, long-term goals, and missed opportunities.

Depending on your stage of growth and specific challenges, we leverage our multiple practice areas to move you forward.

Fractional Sales Leadership

We add the SVP Sales/CRO value you need to scale right now, delivered in a model that makes sense for you. You’ll have immediate access to a seasoned executive leadership team without going through a long recruitment process or taking on a significant overhead.  

Consulting & Strategy

Acting as short or long-term strategic partners, we can help you push through every stage of growth taking you all of the way to market. We’ll tell you everything we wish we’d known in your position, helping you to avoid costly mistakes and frustrating setbacks.

Outsourcing with Results

On Demand Business Development, Lead Gen & Revenue Operations. Fractional or Full Time People as a Service (PaaS) model. We leverage our vast experience & business acumen to deliver the resources, execution, and results.

Game Changing Recruiting

We’re totally different from recruitment companies. We have 60+ years of success recruiting/hiring top tier talent and building high performing teams. Get access to our personal networks along with the insight and execution to hire the best people you’ve ever had.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Through our vast startup experience, we understand the roadblocks to growth and how to overcome them. Our practice areas deliver the following services to target high priority areas and unlock your potential.

Not scaling fast enough?

  • Comp Plans, Quotas, Territory Planning
  • Creating/Improving Sales Model
  • Prospecting and Pipeline Scale
  • Team Structure & Lean Design
  • Strategic Partnerships & BD
  • Creative Ideas/Strategies to reach markets faster
  • SDR Role & Development
  • Customer Success Role & Development
  • Sales Engineering Role & Development
  • Sales & Customer Success Alignment
  • Lead Gen Improvement
  • Investor Relations, Fundraising, Pitch Deck

Need to tighten up your processes?

  • Assess/Improve existing sales process
  • Sales Process Training
  • Sales Playbooks and Collateral
  • Outbounding
  • Activity Plan and Approach
  • Territory Planning & Approach
  • Funnel Management
  • Customer Lifecycle

Want to streamline your operations?

  • Sales Operations
  • Pipeline Management & Forecasting
  • Tools/Tracking for Management
  • Customer Contracts, Billing
  • Business Planning & Accountability
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Funnel Management and Tuning

Want an aggressive growth strategy?

  • Product Market Fit
  • Go to Market Approach
  • Product Strategy & Positioning
  • Pricing & Packaging
  • Marketing & Messaging
  • Customer Centricity & Revenue Models
  • Lead Gen
  • Channel Partner / Ecosystem / BD
  • Customer Success
  • International

Need guidance on tech and systems?

  • Sales & MarketingTech Stack & Alignment
  • Improving use of CRM
  • Innovation with emerging SaaS tools
  • Prospecting/Customer Engagement
  • Creative Cost Management

Looking to stretch even further?

  • Industry Best Practices
  • Sales Team Motivation & Management
  • Culture of Winning
  • Creating/Improving Upsell Program
  • International Growth
  • Building Urgency, Growing Deal Size, Increasing Win Rate
  • Value Prop Improvements & Messaging
  • Internal Alignment & Goaling
  • Creative Resource Allocation
  • Engagement in sales opportunities
  • Large Deal Creation & Engagement

Need help hiring the right talent?

  • End to End Recruiting Services
  • Establish highly successful ongoing recruiting practices
  • Streamline Hiring & Onboarding process
  • Create/Refine Pitch to Candidates
  • Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing
  • Hiring & Compensation Strategy
  • Headcount Planning
  • Access to our personal network of over 10,000 professionals

Ready to develop the team?

  • Talent Assessment
  • Sales Training & Coaching for Reps
  • Coaching for Sales Management
  • Sales Team Motivation & Management
  • Creation of SDR Team
  • Creation of Customer Success & Upsell
  • Creation of Sales Operations

Want to increase morale and retention?

  • Career Path Planning
  • High Energy & Fun Sales Culture
  • Managing and Motivating Millennials
  • Sales Management Approach
  • Leadership Opportunities and Recognition

Need to align the company around growth?

  • Strategy developing
  • Cultural alignment for growth
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) planning
  • OKR implementation and tracking
  • Establishing a growth mindset for non-sales employees

Need Immediate Resources?

  • Assess how outsourcing can help your team & process
  • Immediate on demand Lead Gen & Business Development Resources
  • Sales Operations / CRM Resources
  • Training, Implementation, Management
  • Process creation & execution & improvement
  • Success plan & delivery of results

What’s your challenge?

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