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Fractional Sales Leadership

Fractional Access to Top Tier Talent & Seasoned Executive Leadership. Hugely beneficial because startups get the value of a seasoned SaaS sales leader without the significant cost.

We accelerate startup revenue faster, help them avoid making the major mistakes that will cost time and money, and bring on the right talent to help them rapidly grow & scale.

SaaS Growth & Go To Market Consulting

Short or Long term strategic partner to help with any stage of startup evolution & growth.

It's all about accelerating revenue and we drive that via industry best practices, top tier talent, and a stretch approach to sales strategy & execution. Over 20 years of SaaS Sales experience and operational excellence in all aspects of SaaS


Unique perspective & talent for recruiting and hiring sales teams as we have 20+ years experience building/scaling/managing high-performing sales teams.

True partnership and expertise in finding/recruiting/retaining top tier talent from SDR to VP/CRO. Extensive personal network of over 10,000 Professionals.

About TAP

TAP Group is a SaaS Consulting Firm helping startups in 3 areas: Talent, Acceleration, and Performance. We help recruit, develop, and retain the best available Talent for startup size and stage. We accelerate startup sales and revenue. TAP also leverages world class processes and tools to deliver sales performance and predictability. We have over 20 years of SaaS Sales & Executive Leadership experience in small and medium sized startups as well as large publicly traded companies. We focus on true partnerships with CEOs & Founders to help them accelerate revenue growth and scale their companies.

Founders Message

I started TAP for 3 reasons.


I want to offer startups a more practical path to seasoned sales leadership.

I see many early-mid stage startups stall, miss growth opportunities, and waste time because they don’t have top tier sales leadership talent. Studies show that 70% of startups fail, and the number that don’t grow revenue as fast as they can/should is much higher. A common dilemma for CEOs & Founders is when to invest in a seasoned executive sales leader. This decision often comes too early before the company is ready (which doesn’t deliver the ROI for such a significant investment and likely leads to turnover and stalls) and it also often comes late (which means optimal growth and scale is heavily delayed). A fractional model is the best of both worlds for startups because it gives them expert sales leadership help without the heavy cost of a full-time VP Sales or CRO.

I’m passionate about people.

One of the most difficult and critical challenges is finding the right talent. The market is extremely competitive, you have to find people that match your culture/stage/team, and you have to find high-quality candidates who will fit into your hiring budget. Not easy. And most recruiters don’t add much value with any of that (although they charge 20-30%). As a seasoned Sales Executive, I have been involved in hiring over 400 professionals in my career – many self sourced via LinkedIn. In addition to hiring them, I also motivated/managed them, mentored them, helped them advance their career path, etc. All of that gives me unique perspective/experience on finding the very best sales talent available, knowing who/what to avoid, and matching people with the right roles/companies. I’m passionate about people, have a huge personal network, and really enjoy matching amazing people with amazing opportunities.

I want to help more CEOs & Founders.

I thrive on partnering with CEOs & Founders to help make their vision a reality. I’ve been inspired by every CEO & Founder I have been fortunate enough to work with. The creativity, responsibility, vision, drive, resilience, dedication, and passion they carry is amazing and not really understood until you partner closely with them. I get massive satisfaction from being someone who delivers value for them and who is a significant part of their success. Instead of helping a small number of CEOs by continuing in operating roles, I’m starting TAP to help as many as I can. There’s nothing more exciting than helping great people and great companies achieve their goals, grow, and thrive.


Cameron Orr, Founder TAP Group

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